Last year was my first year at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, or NAB everyone knows it. While in Vegas, I also presented at a panel titled “Teaching Television Production in the Age of YouTube” at the Broadcast Education Association Convention that immediately follows NAB. The panel’s topic stemmed from the course I had created at Hofstra and was very well attended. Even Dr. Herbert Zettl himself attended (and sat directly in front of me [I was tense to say the least]). While I was at the NAB convention, I took notice of some interesting booths as well as some of the web based television incorporations to many “traditional” booths. I visited online video solutions like Brightcove, Endavo and several others and talked to them about how the NAB is accepting broadband television into its idea of “Broadcasting”.

This year, NAB is held April 10th – 15th at the Las Vegas Convention Center and there will be an interesting Conference within the Convention called the Broader-casting Conference with a portion called Destination Broadband. Ten years ago, if you told anyone attending the convention that in 2010 there would be a conference discussing Broadband television, they might have scoffed. As technology updates, as does the way television is delivered and many companies, educators, content creators and distributors should know about it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what is going to be at Destination Broadband and the Broader-casting Conference. If anyone is interested, I’ve been given the opportunity to give out free access (would be $150) to the two conferences. If you are interested, click here and use the code A913 when registering. (Or register at NAB with the same code.) If you go, you will see the keynote address, info sessions and get access to the theater portions.

If you go, let me know, because I will be there. I’m presenting once again at BEA this year. My panel is called “Pedagogy and Production the Age of YouTube, Revisited” and it’s at 9am on Saturday, April 17th. To keep up with NAB, you can keep checking their website at